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Meged Consulting ( is an Israeli based firm specializing in Personal Finance, Wealth Management and Business Consulting Services.

The firm was established by Isaac (Tsachi) Meged to meet the demand of individuals and families who feel challenged by their finances and would like to improve their well-being.  

We help you understand your financial situation and develop a plan for the future.

Our vision is to help individuals and families become financially independent.


Isaac (Tsachi) Meged is an Entrepreneur, Private Investor, Business Mentor and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). 

Prior to establishing the firm, Tsachi was the Chief Economist at Dun & Bradstreet (Israel), the VP Global Marketing and Business Development at HP (Scitex division) and the CEO of 3 global start-up companies.

As a personal finance enthusiast Tsachi managed to become financially independent and decided to pass his knowledge and passion to others.

Tsachi is a lecturer and mentor at two of the leading Public-benefit corporations in Israel - “Paamonim” and “Keren Shemesh”.  

Tsachi’s areas of interest include traveling and hiking, fitness and martial arts, personal development and kabala studding, entrepreneurship and investments.  

Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning is a systematic approach whereby an individual maximizes the existing financial resources through proper management of one's finances to best achieve his/her financial goals and objectives.


Managing finances can be stressful, even for the savviest consumers. As more and more people become responsible for their long-term financial well-being most consumers feel challenged by their finances.


Individuals and families who work with financial professionals feel much better prepared to achieve their financial goals and objectives.


Meged Consulting helps you understand your financial situation and develop a plan for the future.

Our financial planning process typically consist of the following six steps:


Establish and define the relationship. We inform you about the financial planning process, the services we offer, and the competencies and experience we have. We set expectations and agree on the services to be provided and the scope of the engagement.


Collect the relevant information. Together with you we identify your personal and financial objectives, needs, and priorities and collect sufficient quantitative and qualitative information about you and your family.  


Analyze and assess your financial status. We analyzes your information, subject to the scope of the engagement, to gain an understanding of your financial situation. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current financial situation and compares them to your objectives, needs and priorities.


Develop the financial plan and recommendations. We consider one or more strategies relevant to your current situation and develop the financial planning recommendations based on the selected strategies to meet your objectives, needs and priorities. We present you with the financial planning recommendations in a way that allows you to make an informed decision.


Implement the financial planning recommendations. We agree on implementation responsibilities that are consistent with the scope of the engagement, your acceptance of the recommendations, and our ability to implement. We identify and present the appropriate product(s) and service(s) that are consistent with the plan and accepted by you.


Review the client’s situation. We mutually define and agree on terms for reviewing and reevaluating your situation, including goals, risk profile, lifestyle and other relevant changes. We review your situation to assess progress toward achievement of the objectives and determine if they are still appropriate, and confirm any revisions necessary.

Financial Planning Process

At we provide wealth management services to individuals and families (multi-family office) who’s net worth is over 10 million NIS.

We combine both financial planning and specialized financial services which include estate planning, investment management services, legal and tax advice. 

We partner with tax experts, investment professionals and pension specialists to protect and grow your wealth. 

Our goal is to sustain and grow your long-term wealth.


For more information, contact us


Wealth Management

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